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Larry Traubel - Owner


A successful entrepreneur and businessman, Larry has over 30 years of formal education, continuing study, and experience in agricultural business. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from University of Arizona in Agriculture Business and Agronomy in 1979, Larry began his career in the northwest selling Ag chemicals. Then in 1981, Larry had the distinct honor and pleasure to work for and learn from an icon in the Ag world, Grady Auvil. Working at Auvil Fruit Company, Larry developed a deep love of horticulture and the management of orchard crops. In 1983, Larry moved to Wilcox, AZ where he was responsible for planting and managing a 550 acre orchard of Granny Smith and Gala apples. Larry was there for 10 years and can recall annual harvests of over 25,000 bins. In 1993, Larry moved to Cedaredge, Colorado and was exposed to the packing side of the business, where he earned the nickname of TBDFMIC! (You’ll have to ask Larry about this nickname!). As a horticulturist, Larry discovered a love of helping growers be successful by sharing his knowledge and experience. Along with the move to Colorado in 1993, came the purchase of a 10 acre orchard producing multiple varieties of peaches and apples. In 2000, Larry joined Grand Mesa Discount selling agricultural chemicals on the Western slope of Colorado. In 2006 Larry purchased Grand Mesa Discount, bringing with him a focus of continued growth through customer service and education. Larry strives to keep himself and his team on the leading edge of current agricultural methodologies, processes and technologies.

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