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SEED - Call For Pricing - 970-835-3335

We carry grass seed for pasture, lawn, orchard, and most other applications as well.  We are also a DEKALB and BREVANT corn seed dealer.  Please call for pricing and availability. 


Here's a list of our grass pasture mixes:

Premium Irrigated Pasture Mix

(20-25 lbs per acre, 50 lb bags)

30%    Orchardgrass (Crown Royal)
10%    Intermediate Wheatgrass
20%    Meadow Brome (Cache)
20%    Smooth Brome (VNS)
10%    Tetraploid Perennial Rye
10%    Festulolium (Merlin)


Equestrian Irrigated Pasture Mix

(20-25 lbs per acre, 50 lb bags, or by the pound)

30%    Orchardgrass (Crown Royal )
45%    Meadow Brome (Cache)
25%    Forage Perennial Ryegrass (VNS)  


Economy Irrigated Pasture Mix 

(20-25 lbs per acre, comes in 50 lb bag)

30%    Orchardgrass (Profile)
30%    Tall Fescue (Atlas II) E.F.
20%    Smooth Brome (VNS)
20%    Festulolium (VNS)

Dryland Pasture Mix 

(15-20 lbs per acre, 20-25 lbs if irrigated, 50 lb bag)

15%    Orchardgrass (Paiute)
20%    Tetraploid Perennial Rye
15%    Crested Wheatgrass (Hycrest)
15%    Pubescent  Wheatgrass (Luna)
15%    Dahurian Wildrye
20%    Smooth Brome (Lincoln)

Mountain Meadow Mix 

(15-20 lbs per acre, 50 lb bag)

20%    Rye Grain
20%    Perennial  Ryegrass
14%    Kentucky Bluegrass Forage
15%    Mountain Brome
10%    Orchardgrass
10%    Timothy
1%      Alsike Clover

Low Grow Mix 

(12-20 lbs per acre, 25 lb bags)

20%    Crested Wheatgrass (Ephraim)
20%    Intermediate Ryegrass, VNS
20%    Sheep Fescue
15%    Streambank Wheatgrass, Sodar
15%    Chewing Fescue
10%    Forage Bluegrass, Ginger


We also carry turf mixes for home lawns. 

Please call for info:



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